From Android 12 it will be easier to install other app stores on our devices

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The ramifications of Epic Games’ onslaught on the app stores in Google and Apple are already beginning to bloom. One of those consequences, for example, was announced today by the company of the powerful search engine: Google will make it easier to install other app stores from the arrival of Android 12.

We refer to app stores such as Samsung’s (Samsung Galaxy App Store) or Epic Games’ own mobile app store. Currently, before downloading one of these stores, the Google Play Store welcomes us with an intimidating plethora of warnings and notices that, more than an easy and competitive decision, seem to want to dissuade users at all costs.

There will no longer be so many warnings on Android when downloading a third-party store

One of the main complaints of Epic Games in its lawsuit against Google and Apple is that although these companies claim fair competition in their stores, it seems to be just an illusion. That is, in addition to the fact that there are security warnings that seem to be more well constructed to deter users than to protect them.

Google seems to recognize its lack in this regard and will make it easier to install other app stores in its next iteration of Android 12. At the beginning of this month Android 11 began to be distributed, so developers such as Epic Games will have to wait at least a solid year before looking at concrete measures that fit your demands.

Although Google has officially declared that it is receiving comments and criticisms from developers to make it easier to install third-party app stores that have their own download policies, a universe of true competitiveness seems like a utopia. Although there is a generous growth margin for the Samsung Galaxy App Store in this context.

These measures are part of a group of other decisions that will revolutionize the Google Play Store in the months to come.

Via: 9to5 Google


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