From 2022, all new cars must be fitted with an Intelligent Cruise Control Assistant (ISA), as decided by the European Commission. Although they have been working on regulation for years (as Vezess has previously discussed), it is still unknown what effect this will have on everyday life.

From ISA’s point of view, the novelty will be to make it mandatory, as carmakers have consistently used the cheaper and easy-to-turn off version in recent years, but road safety organizations see a radical solution as needed.

The car can also signal to the driver on the instrument panel and / or beep that the speeding has been exceeded, more drastic versions can even manipulate the accelerator pedal, take away engine power, but there is also a version where the pedal starts to vibrate under the driver’s foot.

From the everyday experience of annoying but effective beeping indicating the lack of belt fastening, it is already possible to deduce what the system is like, writes the economic portal, which notes that so far there has been a version that can not only be switched off but regain power on powerful floor gas. . This is because taking away engine power can even endanger the car’s occupants, for example if they cross the speed limit while overtaking.