Frenkie de Jong: ‘Magic has certainly not worked out with the Dutch national team’

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Frenkie de Jong does not think that the Dutch national team should be concerned after two defeats in a row. The Dutch lost on Thursday to the debut of national coach Frank de Boer of Mexico (0-1) after Italy had already been a size too big (0-1) last month.

‘We are not yet the best country in the world’

“Whether the magic has disappeared? It may feel that way,” said De Jong on Saturday during a digital press conference for Sunday’s Nations League match against Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We lost the game, that is never good.”

“We had a hard time against Italy. They did well and we did not have an immediate solution. Italy is also a very strong country. Mexico was a friendly game, they are also there to try things out,” said De Jong, who stayed on the bench against Mexico.

“A lot of positive things have come out and also things you can learn from. Hopefully we can show that the magic is still there.

Frenkie de Jong and the Dutch internationals train for the first time under national coach Frank de Boer this international period. (Photo: ANP)

De Jong believes that the Dutch national team still has to go through a development to become the best in Europe. “We have a very good team and can compete with the very best countries, but it is not that we have already reached the point where we dominate and win every match against a top country. We strive for it, but are not the very best yet. country in the world. “

The Dutch national team will play the Nations League match against Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday at 6 p.m. Two thousand spectators are allowed to attend the duel in the city of Zenica. After two games, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still waiting for a victory in the Nations League, while the Orange squad is on three points.



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