Juliette Gréco, the great lady of French song, was born on February 7, 1927 in Montpellier. For over 60 years, with her warm and sensual voice, the French artist has performed songs that were composed especially for her by some of the greatest musicians of France – Jacques Prévert, Léo Ferré, Serge Gainsbourg, Jaques Brel and Gérard Jouannest – Her husband.

She became famous in 1950 with “Si tu t’imagines” – a poem by Raymond Queneau, whose lyrics were set to music by Joseph Kosma. Since then, success has not left her.

A interpretat piese care au becoming celebre, precum ”La Javanaise”, by Serge Gainsbourg, ”La Jolie Môme”, by Léo Ferré, ”La Chanson des vieux amants”, by Jacques Brel şi Gérard Jouannest.

He conquered the romantic French with the song “Un petit poisson ou un petit oiseau” and ignited their imagination with a torrid song, “Déshabillez-moi”, which helped streaptease become an art.

She built a solid career, being one of the most appreciated actresses and singers in France. In March 2016, the French artist was urgently hospitalized in a clinic in Lyon, following a stroke.

Juliette Gréco has held a farewell tour in recent years, entitled “Thank you”. It included 50 shows in France and other countries, according to the artist’s record label.

The French star has given numerous concerts since the spring of 2015, as she wanted to see all the iconic cities for her career, which began in 1949.

In 2012, the artist received the Legion of Honor as Commander, and in 2015 she was rewarded with the National Order of Merit.