French police arrest four people after decapitation of teacher in Paris suburb

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Police in France arrested four people in the night from Friday to Saturday in connection with the beheading of a man in a suburb of Paris, French news agency reports AFP based on a source. A fifth suspect, the suspected perpetrator, was shot dead by police shortly after the incident.

Macron: ‘The country stands behind all teachers’

The arrested persons would come from the family circle of the perpetrator. One of the suspects arrested is said to be a minor.

The victim was stabbed and beheaded on Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, northwest of Paris. The man was a secondary school teacher, according to the French police. Sources say he showed his students cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

One of the suspects threatened the police with a knife after the incident. He was then shot and died moments later. According to the French news channel BFM it concerned an eighteen-year-old man who was born in Russia. He is said to have shouted “Allahu akbar”, but a police spokesman could not confirm that yet.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday evening during a visit to the city where the beheading took place about an “Islamic terror attack”.

“A civilian was murdered because he was a teacher and taught freedom of speech,” Macron said. “The country stands behind all teachers in the country”. According to the president, France will respond “quickly and with authority”.

The prosecutor for terrorism cases is investigating the case.



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