Free parking is a huge mess

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The government announced on Tuesday, among the measures related to the emergency situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, that once again it is possible to park free of charge in the country, including in Budapest.

The municipality of the capital and the BKK “Is aware that many people’s lives will be more comfortable if they can reach their destination by car, but the metro change starting on 7 November will place a significant additional burden on those traveling in the capital due to the increased car traffic due to free parking” – wrote, referring to the renovation of the downtown section of Metro 3 on Saturday.

According to the announcement, BKK has been emphasizing on all available media for weeks: in order to give preference to buses participating in the metro replacement, everyone should expect congestion and longer travel times on many busy road sections in the city center, whether by public transport or car.

The most critical situation is expected to be on Váci út, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út and Kiskörút, but road congestion due to restrictions, changing traffic patterns on many busy routes and bus lanes designated for a total of 13 km of road sections is also expected for the entire capital and suburbs. they will have an impact – they called attention.

According to BKK, the restrictions caused by the metro replacement in themselves cause great difficulties for all those traveling in Budapest.

They also pointed out that the efficiency of bus lanes designated for the smooth running of metro replacement buses and the already limited road capacity could be greatly impaired by waiting cars looking for a parking space, or even by vehicles driving irregularly in the bus lane satisfying congestion.



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