Shock star Frederik, 75, reveals in his recent biography the wild twists and turns of his life and making friends with people he knows from the public. One of Frederik’s most memorable parties took place in 2010 in Hanko.

The singer says Few of us are Frederik in the book (Otava) that he was surprised when he suddenly got a call From Kimi Räikkönen. The duo didn’t know each other before.

“I didn’t have time to open my mouth when Kimi Räikkönen’s nasal voice began to explain right in the tube:” Hey Reetu, come visit the boat, here’s the party. “

The F1 driver invited Frederik and his musician friends to a lavish feast of their Iceman bites. The cottage from the ship belonged to a long pier. According to the book, there was also a crowd standing on the beach listening to what a holiday with a formula star and friends is going on.

“I was picked up from the dock, and as I got out of the smaller boat on the deck of Iceman, I heard a deafening fanfare: in front of me stood the glorious form of twenty fishes along which I was expected to march to the host. Everyone was naked, and every single man’s eggs had been shaved bare. ”

The reason for the invitation soon became clear: Kimi signed up to be a big fan of the King of the disco disco production. Frederik’s music played through the speakers, and the duo found a common tone. Kimi even asked for Frederik’s autograph during the acquaintance.

Reetu got out of the boat for his evening gig, when the tumbling men hit him with empty bottles and cans in his hand to make the shock star swing them into the trash.

Frederik had had time to perform at Hauho when another strange call came that same evening. Kimi Räikkönen suggested that the helicopter could pick him up back at the party. The F1 star even sent a taxi to Reetu’s backyard to get him to Hanko to continue the party. The reason was self-evident, and the Iceman said it directly to Frederik on the phone.

“I just woke up and noticed that everyone else was gone.”

Written by Tommi Pietarinen and Ilkka Sysimetsä, Few of Us is a biography of Frederik (Otava) will be published on October 28. The passages in italics are quotes from the book.