Frederik, Tapani Kansa and Danny toured on the Finns’ Kings tour for a couple of years, during which time he flashed several times between strike legends. Frederik talks about the controversies during the tour in a recent one Few of us are Frederik biography (Ottawa).

The Iskelmä trio disputes became news topics in the mainstream media. The men shot comments from each other on stage, but also in interviews and blog posts. Sometimes the comments were humor, but according to Reetu, there was serious contention. The tour began in the summer of 2016, and disagreements began immediately, according to the book.

“We quarreled even before the gigs, because Tapsa also required me to perform in a tuxedo and ordered all the little things as usual. Among other things, he drove Danny’s girlfriend out of the locker room (“This is a men’s locker room!”), Even though Erika Vikman was already the queen of tango. I said it wouldn’t hurt anyone if Erika went to Danny to talk, but Miss didn’t want to argue with Tapsa and left politely without protest. ”

Despite the cinemas, the tour was a success. Frederik says the trio get better together with the welded time.

“We got together with Tapsa again in Vimpel when he started barking at my jacket and claimed I lived in Chaplin’s outfit. He himself wore 60s Adidas sneakers and wrinkled yellow pants. They still had a hole in Persia. Yes, we teased each other, but it was in the spirit of the show. ”

My way The people deny it

Tapani Kansa sees it differently. He tells Iltalehti that there was nothing left of the tour to dig into the tooth cavity, but music was performed at the gigs and enjoyed.

– There really were no disputes. Reetuhan always wants to be in the magazines and he tried to pick something up from the tour. But it was smoke without fire, Tapani Kansa inches to Iltalehti.

– Everything went really well, he says.

According to the people, the singers have been involved even after the tour – so there can be no completely inflamed intervals.

– We’ve talked on the phone a few times since then.

Tapani Kansa also denies that he had driven Erika Vikman out of the locker room.

– Not really, this is a fairy tale!

“We pull our last”

The mere taste of the quarrels did not remain in Reete’s hands either.

In his book, the king of the junto disco also talks about his appreciation for his colleagues. Although Tapani Kansa’s heavy gas foot gets a receipt in the book, Reetu also considers Kanssa to be one of Finland’s most talented singers. He also recalls that the trio belong to a fading generation of shock stars.

“We’re pulling our last ones, and there’s not even half the mammon left in what’s commonly imagined. But as long as the people love, we are happy. ”

Written by Tommi Pietarinen and Ilkka Sysimetsä, Few of Us is a biography of Frederik (Otava) will be published on October 28. Items marked in italics are quotes from the book.