The undisputed king of junttiscon, Frederik, eli Ilkka Sysimetsä, 75, publishes today Few of us are Frederik biography (Ottawa). Without staring at the pages of the book, Iskelmähti tells about her colorful stages of life – the ups and downs of her career, and the pitfalls of her personal life. Admirations for different beauties are also evident in the biography and relationships are talked about directly.

In the book, Frederik repeats this year’s bar night in July, when, like many other celebrities, he celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Helsinki Restaurant Teatter. Also included were a rapper This Sabotage, his then – male friend as well Erika Vikman.

According to Reetu, the group ended up on the joint sequels to Sini Sabotage’s home in Hakaniemi at half past four in the morning. The book describes the situation as follows:

“The dating continued for a couple of hours, but before long the host couple retreated to the night tree in the bedroom. I noticed that Sini left the bedroom door open as if wanting to protect the beauty left behind by me from possible approximation attempts. A night guest meeting the dimensions of a top model didn’t seem to be afraid of me.

– You shouldn’t leave Reetu home to drive anymore. You stay here overnight to sleep next to me. ”

The request was made by Erika Vikman, who was still a music consultant for a while Dannyn with. According to Frederik, Erika then started pumping an air mattress for two people to sleep on.

“Once the mattress had reached its plush shape, we floated on top of it side by side. I also noticed the shapes of my companion as lumps as he bent down to spread a blanket over us. I was lucky in the hills, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I closed them. Erotic images, sensations and emotions flooded my mind. ”

In the morning he thought at first he had a dream.

“But then I felt the warmth of another body, and as I rose from under the blanket, a curvy woman emerged, whose calm breath reminded me of the events of the night. It was as if true.

Frederik emphasizes in his biography that he does not want to interfere with busy women.

Iltalehti reached out to Erika Vikman, who did not want to comment on the matter in any way.

Written by Tommi Pietarinen and Ilkka Sysimetsä, Few of Us is a biography of Frederik (Otava) will be published on October 28. Italicized paragraphs are quotes from the book.