“Fratelli tutti”: the main points of the new encyclical of Pope Francis

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There he warns that after the health crisis, the worst reaction would be to fall even more into a consumer fever and new forms of selfish self-preservation.

These are the main points of the new encyclical of Pope Francis “All brothers” (Todos hermanos) on fraternity and social friendship disclosed this Sunday at the Vatican.

1. “Individualism does not make us freer, more equal, more brothers. The mere sum of individual interests is not capable of generating a world better for all mankind. “

2. “A fraternal society will be one that promotes education for dialogue in order to defeat the “virus of radical individualism” and allow everyone to do their best. “

3. “It is possible to yearn for a planet that ensures land, shelter and work for all. This is the true path of peace, and not the meaningless and shortsighted strategy of sowing fear and distrust in the face of external threats.” “Real and lasting peace is only possible from a global ethic of solidarity and cooperation at the service of a future shaped for interdependence and co-responsibility among the entire human family “.

4. “The market alone does not solve everything, although again they want us to believe this dogma of neoliberal faith. It is a poor, repetitive thought, which always proposes the same recipes facing any challenge That is present”.

5. “Neoliberalism simply reproduces itself, resorting to the magical ‘spill’ or ‘drip’ – without naming it – as the only way to solve social problems.”

6. “Financial speculation with easy profit as a fundamental end continues to wreak havoc.” “The fragility of world systems in the face of pandemics has shown that not everything is resolved with market freedom and that, in addition to rehabilitating a healthy policy that is not subject to the dictates of finances, we have to bring human dignity to the center and that the alternative social structures that we need are built on that pillar. “

7. “We are still far from a globalization of the most basic human rights. That is why world politics cannot fail to place among its main and imperative objectives that of effectively ending hunger. Because when financial speculation conditions the price of food by treating it Like any merchandise, millions of people suffer and die of hunger. tons of food is thrown away. This is a real scandal. “

8. “Hunger is criminal, food is an inalienable right.”

9. “Closed nationalisms ultimately express this inability to be gratuitous, the error of believing that they can develop apart from the ruin of others and that by closing themselves to the rest they will be more protected. The immigrant is seen as a usurper who offers nothing. Thus, it is naively thought that the poor are dangerous or useless and that the powerful are generous benefactors. policy that incorporates free reception may have a future “.

10. “Contempt for the weak can be hidden in populist ways, which use them demagogically for their ends, or in liberal ways at the service of the economic interests of the powerful. In both cases, the difficulty in thinking about an open world that has room for all, that incorporates the weakest and that respects the diverse cultures“.

11. There is “an insane populism when it becomes someone’s ability to (…) politically instrumentalize the culture of the people, with any ideological sign, at the service of their personal project and their perpetuation in power.”

12. “It is easy today to be tempted to turn the page saying that it happened a long time ago and that you have to look forward. No my God! You never advance without memory, you don’t evolve without a full and luminous memory “.

13. “It is true to tell families torn by grief what has happened to their missing relatives.”

14. “I hope that in this age that we have to live, recognizing the dignity of each human person, that we can make a worldwide desire for brotherhood reborn among all of us. (…) A community is needed to sustain us, to help us and in the May we help each other to look forward.How important is it to dream together!”

Source: AFP


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