The test took place off the commune of Biscarrosse (southwest) and was a “success”, according to the quoted source.

“This success gives our Navy a new strategic capability and places it among the best in the world,” said French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

“Until now, French submarine forces could hit submarines and surface ships. They can now destroy heavy terrestrial infrastructures, at a great distance “, she specified.

France thus entered the closed circle of states equipped with naval cruise missiles – like the American Tomahawk missile, popularized by the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

MdCN, which has a range of 1,000 kilometers, is meant to target targets located “deep” in the enemy territory, such as command centers, anti-aircraft batteries or radars, notes AFP, according to

“Its ability to launch on board a submarine allows the opponent to exercise the constant and undetected threat of an attack from the sea,” the French Ministry of Defense points out.

Le Suffren is the first in a series of six new nuclear-powered submarines (SNAs) – more discreet and heavily armed.

The delivery of the Navy submarine is scheduled until the end of this year, and its commissioning in 2021.

The SNA’s mission is to defend aircraft carriers and submarine launchers (SNLEs) carrying nuclear missiles, to pursue enemy submarines and to collect classified information.

To these missions are added the hitting of ground targets and the deployment of special forces.