This is the Identity Movement, a well-known anti-Muslim group with members throughout Europe.

It also has a youth faction called Generation Identity.

A local police spokesman corrected initial reports in the French press that the man shouted “Allah Akbar”: “It has nothing to do with Islam, it did not shout religious slogans. The man’s identity has been confirmed and he is a member of the Identity Movement “.

He made the Nazi salute before being shot by police, wearing a group T-shirt and wearing a membership frame.

Another incident related to the Nice attack took place in Saudi Arabia, at the French consulate in Jeddah, where a man attacked a security guard with a knife.

The perpetrator of the attack in Nice, identified as Brahim Aoussaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian, arrived in France on October 9 from the island of Lampedusa (Italy). He arrived in Nice by train on the morning of the attack. He killed a parishioner and two parishioners. One of the women was a 44-year-old Brazilian woman, the mother of three children.

The Tunisian repeated “Allah Akbar” several times when he was handcuffed and given medical care after he was shot by police.