The man was to take action, the same source told France Presse, calling the incident “serious”. It came hours after the knife attack that killed three people Thursday morning in a church in Nice.

According to, which quotes the local press, the man was arrested on Victor-Hugo Street. He was spotted in a tram stop with a 30 cm blade knife on him and allegedly tried to get on a tram.

The man was arrested and an investigation was launched.

“A man armed with a long knife has just been arrested by the national police. I thank the police for their effective intervention that made it possible to avoid a new tragedy,” Lyon’s second arrondissement mayor Pierre Oliver posted on Twitter.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

According to the French radio station Europe 1, the man allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar”. The incident took place just hours after a knife attack inside a church in Nice, where three people were killed, at least one of whom was beheaded. And in this case the aggressor had shouted “Allah Akbar”.

At the same time, the Saudi security forces arrested on Thursday a Saudi citizen who attacked with a sharp object a guard from the French consulate in the city of Jeddah (west), the official Saudi agency SPA reported, quoted by EFE.

Police in the province of Mecca “arrested a citizen who attacked a security guard at the French consulate with a sharp object and slightly injured him,” SPA said, without further details. According to the dpa, which quotes local police spokesman Mohammed al-Ghamdi, the attacker is said to be an individual of about 40 years. The motive for the attack is not yet known.

The information was also confirmed by the French Embassy in Riyadh. “The attacker was immediately arrested by Saudi security forces after the attack. The guard was transported to the hospital and his life is not in danger. We call on our compatriots in Saudi Arabia to show maximum vigilance, “the French embassy said in a statement quoted by AFP.

“The French Embassy strongly condemns this attack against a diplomatic legation that no one can justify,” the embassy added, according to EFE. The diplomatic mission expressed hope that “the Saudi authorities will clarify this attack and guarantee the security of companies and the French community in the country.”

The attack in Jeddah comes amid calls for a boycott of French products and dissatisfaction with several Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, following agitation over French President Emmanuel Macron’s promise not to “give up caricatures” with the prophet. Muhammad, invoking the right to free speech.

France has raised the level of the security alert for the entire territory to the highest, “emergency attack”, after the attack in Nice resulted in three dead, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday, reports AFP, EFE and Reuters.
The level of “emergency bombing” is the highest in France’s anti-terrorism plan.
It is instituted immediately after an attack or if an identified and unlocated terrorist group takes action. This level is set for a limited period of time during crisis management. The level of “emergency attack” allows in particular to ensure the exceptional mobilization of the means of response, but also the dissemination of information likely to protect citizens in a crisis situation.
Three people “were stabbed to death in abject conditions,” the head of government said in a speech to the National Assembly.
Jean Castex denounced an “attack as cowardly as it is barbaric, which mourns the whole country”, believing that it “deliberately and wholeheartedly hit the Catholic community”.
Prime Minister Jean Castex also told the National Assembly that the government’s response to the attack would be firm and relentless.
Three people, including a parishioner, were killed in the attack, the perpetrator of which was detained, causing a shock in France on the eve of a new “lockdown” of at least a month to fight Covid-19 and a few days before All Saints’ Day, an important holiday in Catholicism. President Emmanuel Macron has decided to travel to the site.