Arriving at the college, Abdoullakh Anzorov allegedly offered sums of money to several students to get information about where the teacher was.

Le Monde initially revealed that one of these minors is in pre-trial detention and that he has confirmed this hypothesis, information confirmed by BFMTV.

Investigators are investigating the attacker’s move from Evreux, where he resided, to Yvelines.

Several sources say that part of this trip was made by car.

But the 18-year-old boy who beheaded the teacher does not have a driver’s license, and a third, probably an acquaintance, drove part of the 100 kilometers between the two localities.

This person is also being questioned by the police.

In addition to the chronology of the drama, investigators are trying to understand when the young man became radicalized.

Unknown to the intelligence services in this regard, the Chechen Russian allegedly started radicalizing about six months ago, his parents said during interrogations in pre-trial detention.

In the summer, the terrorist’s Twitter account was reported to the Pharos platform, after a “fake beheading” image was posted on Twitter.

Samuel Paty was assassinated after showing students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a course on free speech. His killer was shot dead by police, and nine bullets were fired at him. Known with a common law background, but not for radicalization, Abdoullakh Anzorov used a 35-centimeter knife to behead his victim near the college where he was a teacher. A message to Emmanuel Macron, the “leader of the unbelievers” and a photo of the beheaded victim, posted on Twitter, were found on his phone.