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From this Friday until December 1, the country enters quarantine. Some 7,000 soldiers will patrol the entire territory in fear of another attack.

Double blow for an armored France. Terrorist attack and confinementor severe, from this Friday until December 1 at least due to Covid 19, it is an unbearable combo and already underway. The country, its embassies, its companies abroad, international lycée schools and the French community are threatened by radical Islamism.

“The threat is everywhere,” Foreign Minister Jean Ives Le Drian announced this morning, warning that they will be protected but must be “alert” and on guard. The Defense Council decided this Friday to summon the reserve of 3,600 men from the gendarmerie and there will be 7,000 soldiers patrolling throughout the country.

Chancellor Jean Yves Le Drian gave instructions to the French ambassadors. ”We have gone from virtual hatred to real violence. We must adopt all measures to ensure the security of our interests, of our citizens, so that they reinforce the security measures around the French presence, embassies, consulates, the French Alliance and schools ”, said the French Chancellor.

The status of “emergency alert attack” is global for France, a day after the terrorist attack on the Notre Dame de la Asunción basilica in Nice, which left three dead. A decapitated woman, Vincent Lòques, the sacristan, with his throat cut, and Silvia Barreta Silva, another Brazilian woman and mother of a family who managed to escape but died of her injuries in a cafe, in front of the church. She had lived most of her life in France.

“We are at war,” Interior Minister Gerarld Darmanin said on Friday morning. “At war against an enemy that is both an internal enemy and an external enemy,” he confirmed.

In a secular country with 8 million Muslims, the minister specified that “we are not at war against a religion but against an ideology, the Islamist ideology,” he continued. And he warned the French: “When one is at war, there will be other events like this ignoble attack,” the minister warned.

Interior Minister Darmanin had sent a message to the police prefects warning that, since last Sunday, there was a concrete threat of “individual jihadism against places of worship and churches” and also “against important Muslims”, who defended the right to publish Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The attacker in the Nice Basilica was identified as Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian, who had arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa on September 20, aboard a boat loaded with migrants.

He quarantined there and landed in Bari October 9th. The Italian Red Cross gave him his only identity document. No one knows when he entered France, but he had arrived in Nice the night before and was looking near the church for a place to sleep. He had not registered any request for political asylum.

The attack took 25 minutes until the municipal police arrived, summoned by David, the owner of a bar. In the church there was a backpack, a Koran, two knives that he did not use and two telephones, which analyze security services.

On Friday morning, the police detained a 47 year old person, who had been in contact with the terrorist the night before, in which they are looking for the link between the terrorist and the jihadists. He had neither in Tunisia nor in France any record of radicalization.

The mother of the Nice killer told Al Arabiya television, at her home in the Tunisian city of Sfax, that she was “Stunned and dismayed”For the actions of his son. Crying, she said that she had expressed her disapproval when he called her on the phone, after arriving in France. “You don’t know the French language, you don’t know anyone there, you’re going to live alone there. Why, why did you go there?” His mother told him. He had not notified the family.

Aouissaoui’s brother told the Saudi property network that his brother had told the family that I would sleep in front of the church Nice, where the attack took place, and sent them a photograph showing him there.

“He didn’t say anything to me,” his brother assured. A neighbor said the attacker had been a mechanic and had other jobs, and had shown no signs of radicalization. On the morning of the attack, the police reported that the killer had turned up at the city’s train station before dawn. He had changed his clothes there, before walking to the nearby church, when it opened at 8:30 a.m. He attacked 15 minutes later.

The attack came two weeks after Samuel Paty, a school teacher, was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, on the western outskirts of Paris. He followed the anger of local Muslim fundamentalists over Paty’s use of the Charlie Hebdo Prophet cartoons, during a lesson on freedom of expression.

The republication of the cartoons and the reaffirmation of the right to blasphemy by President Emmanuel Macron provoked a very strong reaction against France in the Muslim world. A boycott against French products began in Qatar, the Gulf, Turkey, Pakistan and several Middle Eastern countries. France reiterated the Ankara ambassador after President Recep Erdogan sent Macron to do “a mind control.”


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