France registers a record of infections with more than 20,000 in one day

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France has registered this Friday a new record of coronavirus infections after adding 20,339 in one day, in addition to 62 dead, which brings the number of positives to 691,977 since the beginning of the epidemic and to 32,630 that of deaths. In the last two days, the daily infections had been around 18,000.

The French Public Health Agency has added in its daily balance on the situation that the positivity rate of the tests carried out has risen to 10.4%, compared to 9.8% the day before. In the last seven days there have also been 4,837 hospital admissions due to complications related to covid-19, of which 921 had to be directed to intensive care units.

Of the 101 departments in France, 70 are already in a situation of high vulnerability due to the rapid circulation of the coronavirus.

More than 1,300 lights

The agency has added on its website that there are 1,362 active sources of contagion nationwide, 267 of them in nursing homes and dependency centers, and 124 new compared to the previous day.

The worsening of the situation made yesterday, Thursday, the French government put four new cities on high alert: Lyon, Lille, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne, which will face new restrictions from tomorrow, Saturday, such as the total closure of bars and a reinforced control in restaurants.

Paris, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Guadeloupe (Antilles) were already on high alert, and the Executive closely monitors the progress in Toulouse and Montpellier before deciding whether it should also apply similar measures in both.



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