France is preparing to expel 231 religious extremists from the country, according to Reuters. Individuals have been on the state’s watch list because of extremist beliefs.

Information about the deportations came two days after he had refugee status in France Abdullakh Anzorov brutally killed by a teacher Samuel Patyn In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris.

Reuters data come from a source in the French Police Union. According to the source, the French Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin decided on deportations on Sunday. However, the Ministry of Interior has not yet confirmed the deportations.

According to the source, Darman has also asked the ministry to investigate more closely those applying for refugee status in France.

According to a source in the authorities, 180 suspects are currently in prison and 51 are scheduled to be arrested very quickly.

France defines a religious extremist, an extremist, as a person who is becoming radicalized and is likely to want to travel abroad to join a terrorist group or engage in terrorist activities.