France currently ranks fourth in the world in the number of reported infections, 2,036,755, after the United States, India and Brazil. With a coronavirus death toll of 45,000, France ranks seventh in the world.

A total of almost 14.5 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Europe, being the most affected region in the world and accounting for over 26% of all infections.

In France, after a peak of 87,000 infections in a single day, reached on November 7, their number decreased significantly, and the daily total reached on Monday the lowest level in over a month, of 9,406. The data tends to be lower on Mondays, because fewer tests are performed on Sundays.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Tuesday that the country was regaining control over the coronavirus, but that it was not yet ready to relax the quarantine imposed at national level.

Despite the decline in new cases, the number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 has reached a record high, with France ranking third in deaths from the disease in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Italy.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron has set December 1 as the deadline for the end of the quarantine.

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