France eases the rules regarding health passes after mass protests

France has relaxed the rules on the use and purchase of the health pass. With it, French citizens can show, among other things that they have been vaccinated against corona virus. They will be required to have it in order to get into all public locations.

Bruno Le Maire, Finance Minister, stated in an interview with JDD newspaper: People who “pass sanitary”, will soon no longer need to have access to shopping centers smaller than 20,000 square metres. Le Maire said that the decision was intended to limit negative consequences for entrepreneurs. Le Maire acknowledged that the government’s plans are causing concern in the business community. Adults are required to show that they don’t pose a risk to their health at major events, cinemas, and amusement parks as a result of the corona crisis.

For shopping center visits and catering establishments, the ‘Sanitary Pass” will be required starting in August. French people may also be able to show the pass that they have not tested positive for the corona virus or that they have just recovered.

A poll shows that 62 percent support the policy, according to recent surveys.The Parisian. However, many French people strongly oppose the introduction and obligation to immunize healthcare personnel. According to official figures, around 114,000 people participated in Saturday’s demonstrations against the introduction the ‘pass sanitaire,’ or corona pass. There was no peace at all during the demonstrations. Some demonstrations did not receive permission. Police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Lyon, Lille and Nantes. No reports of serious excesses were made.

Paris protester: The human body is inviolable. “The President is not allowed to make any decision about my health.”


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