While a national tribute will be paid to Samuel Paty in the court at the Sorbonne on Wednesday, cartoons made by Charlie Hebdo will be projected on the facades of buildings in the Occitanie region. The president of the Occitania region, Carole Delga, decided to exhibit caricatures made by Charlie Hebdo on various buildings in Toulouse and Montpellier, on Wednesday, October 21st. The gesture is symbolic.

The design of the cartoons is an extremely powerful act for the president of this region and practically joins a decision taken by national education officials – which publishes a paper that brings together the religious and political cartoons that have appeared in the regional and national press.

In the January 2015 attacks, several Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were killed for drawing these cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The satirical publication decided to publish them once again in September, on the occasion of the opening of the trial regarding the 2015 attacks.

And on Friday, Professor Samuel Paty was killed in front of the school where he teaches, located in the Paris region, because he showed the students the same photos.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced that he will propose in the Council of Ministers on Friday – the dissolution of the pro-Palestinian collective “Cheikh Yassine”. Emmanuel Macron said that “the French whose religion is Islam must be protected from radical Islam.”

France must prepare for a long battle, writes the German newspaper Die Welt. “Attack after attack, it becomes clear that the Land of the Enlightenment has become an ideal target for radical Islam. The fight to defend his ideals will be long “, predicts the German daily. “One thing is clear: radical Islam views the whole of France, a way of life, and was determined to destroy the land of human rights and freedom of expression. Older women were killed because they were Jewish. The policemen were executed, some while on duty, others in their homes, in front of the children. Now, teachers are the ones to be afraid of. And once again we feel that we are facing a stress test: how long will society last until it stigmatizes every Muslim for crimes committed in the name of their religion?

France is in a special situation. She is the ideal enemy of radical Islam. This is due to its past as a colonial power and the large number of citizens who have their roots in the Maghreb and who are not yet part of, or no longer part of, society after three generations.

Society itself has broken down into parallel societies. France must now wage a struggle that can serve as an example to others. Among other things, we must no longer have any illusions. The Republican school has long been infiltrated. France is at a crossroads. After the emotion, the actions must come. And the French will have a lot to fight for “, concludes Die Welt.

France does not allow itself to be trampled on by Islam. "Charlie Hebdo" cartoons, projected on buildings in Toulouse and Montpellier

The Italian daily “La Repubblica”, quoted by RFI, points out that “for radical Islam, the only true doctrine is the Word of God, which comes directly from heaven. … It is irreconcilable with general morality and secular practices, as they take place in schools, courts and in everyday life. On the other hand, in the French tradition, the school is, since 1905, the very crucible of the Republic, the heart of state secularism; a tradition according to which the walls of the classroom must remain empty, so that the knowledge and consciousness of the students can develop in full freedom and not under the gaze of any God. “

“The veil, burkini, the hallal menu prevailed; National Education gives back, so as not to make waves; entire neighborhoods submitted, indifferently, to the dictatorship of the preachers … Equality in diversity opened the door to the dictatorship of minorities “, writes” Le Figaro “. “After the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty, France must not only fight Islamist terror, but also intimidation in the wake of ‘Islamophobia’,” writes Le Point.

France does not allow itself to be trampled on by Islam. "Charlie Hebdo" cartoons, projected on buildings in Toulouse and Montpellier

“As we know, Islamist assassins are not afraid of death. Religious (or civil) preachers who demand liberation from French law generally have little concern for justice, nor for society, which is soft enough to disapprove of it. As for the thousands of relays on social networks, comfortably placed behind the screens, they are really not afraid of anything “, the publication underlines.

And “Libération” writes that “the best tribute to Samuel Paty’s teaching talent could be to multiply his course into thousands and thousands of copies on the first day of the next school year.” It would be a lesson in the freedom to draw in all schools in France, explaining these famous caricatures of Muhammad to the 12 million students, some of whom wanted to ban themselves from teaching too secularly, by teachers who are too free.