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The French will be confined again from this Friday and until next December 1, at least, As announced on Wednesday by the president, Emmanuel Macron, forced to resort to the measure that he tried to avoid by all means before the failure of mechanisms such as the curfew against the expansion of the coronavirus.

“Not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated that the virus would circulate with this speed,” Macron acknowledged in a televised speech to the nation, in which he warned that this second wave “will be harder and more deadly than the first “.

The French Government has decided to apply this new confinement after consultations with the scientific council, political forces and European partners after verifying that in France the number of confirmed infections has doubled in less than fifteen days, to exceed 1.2 million total cases. The total number of deaths in France from covid-19 is 35,785.

Furthermore, Macron warned, 35% of ucis patients are under 65 years of age.

This new confinement will be more flexible than the tax in March: schools will remain open, work will continue as far as possible and nursing homes will allow visits, according to Macron.

Bars, restaurants and shops will be closed Although, depending on the evolution of the virus, within fifteen days this measure will be re-evaluated to see if it is possible to reopen certain businesses, in a period marked by Christmas shopping.

More flexible measures

Teleworking will be generalized as far as possible, private meetings will be prohibited and in the public space, and you can only leave home to go to work, go to a medical appointment, attend a family member, make essential purchases or play sports around the home, whenever you present a written statement of the causes of departure.

Transfers between regions will also not be allowed, except for this weekend so that people who are on school holidays can return home.

Yes, you can travel to other countries in the European space Thus, unlike in March, the internal borders of the EU will remain open, while the external borders will be closed. Of course, diagnostic tests will be carried out on all travelers arriving in France.

Macron also defended that, if he does not “a brutal brake” to contagions, “hospitals will be saturated”, “Doctors will have to choose between a patient with covid or one from a road accident.” “That is unacceptable for the values ​​of France,” he said.

Finally, colleges and institutes will remain open although universities and colleges will have to resort to distance learning.

Public buildings, cemeteries, construction, agriculture and industry will also remain open. In short, those activities that are not in contact with the public. “The economy must not stop or sink,” Macron stressed.

The objective of this new confinement is to go from the current average of 40,000 daily coronavirus infections to 5,000, slow down the rate of admission to hospitals and multiply case detection platforms with the use of rapid antigen tests.

“This should allow us to hold out until there is a vaccine, according to experts, next summer,” said the French head of state.

And Germany closes gastronomy and leisure for a month

Germany also announced more restrictive measures on Wednesday, coinciding with the announcement by Frenchman Manuel Macron. In this sense, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, decreed the close all gastronomy and leisure from Monday, as well as gyms, and throughout the month of November within the framework of the new package of measures to stop the second wave.

Likewise, the sources specified that although the stores will remain open, there may not be more than one customer per 10 square meters inside, while the makeup, massage and tattoo centers will have to close their doors as of Monday. When it comes to hairdressers, they will continue open under strict hygiene measures.

Schools and nurseries as well, but new hygiene protocols will be introduced, while it is planned limit outdoor gatherings to no more than members of two households. Another of the agreed measures is the limitation of national tourism, prohibiting hotel stays unless it is for “essential” reasons.



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