France declares a state of health emergency

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The French government has reestablished by decree this Wednesday the state of health emergency, which will come into effect from October 17 at midnight throughout the country to stop the increase in covid-19 infections and is studying the establishment of a curfew for the cities of France in maximum alertness by the coronavirus pandemic, several local media reported.

“In view of its spread throughout the national territory, the covid-19 epidemic constitutes a health disaster that, due to its nature and severity, endangers the health of the population. It justifies the declaration of a state of health emergency to be they can take measures strictly proportional to health risks and appropriate to the circumstances of time and place, “reads the minutes of the government meeting.

New measures

“We have not lost control,” said French President Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of his speech in which he announced the new measures.

Macron, who will communicate a new series of measures in a joint interview with two televisions starting at 17.55 GMT, would also plan to communicate the declaration of the state of health emergency at the national level, reported the radio Europe 1 and the news network BFM- TV.

The curfew would be between 21:00 and 06:00 local timeadded the media. Some of the main cities of the country, such as Paris and its region, Lyon or Lille, are in a state of maximum alert and would be within that curfew.

Macron’s appearance on national television and in prime time seeks to draw the attention of the population to the progressive worsening of the health situation Because of the pandemic, which has caused almost 33,000 deaths in the country and threatens to collapse the intensive care units in several hospital areas, including Paris and its region.



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