In France, a night curfew has been declared for Paris and eight other cities. President of the country Emmanuel Macron announced the matter in a TV interview that started at 9 pm Finnish time, says France 24.

The curfew begins at 9 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

Macron says restaurants, movie theaters and bars should close at 9pm, and people should plan their time so that they are home by 9pm.

The curfew will be enforced under penalty of a fine. According to Macron, the fines are the same as those already in place for people who don’t use the mask – € 135 for a first-time offender, and up to € 1,500 for a second-time offender.

In addition to Paris and the surrounding area, the provision applies to Grenouble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse.

Declaration of emergency

Earlier on Wednesday, the French government declared a state of emergency over a corona pandemic. The declaration will give authorities more opportunities to impose restrictive measures to slow down the corona pandemic. According to Reuters.

France declared a state of emergency during the first wave of the corona in March. At the time, the number of people hospitalized for corona was at its peak. The state of emergency was lifted in July when the number of corona cases began to decline.

On Wednesday, the country’s health authorities announced that the number of people in hospital due to the corona is now over 9,100, for the first time since June 25th.

Tightening in the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain

In Spain, bars and restaurants in the Catalan region, severely punished by the corona, will close for the next 15 days, AFP says. More than 900,000 infections and 33,000 deaths as a result of coronary infection have already been recorded in the country.

In the Netherlands, tightening on the use of masks and the sale of alcohol came into force on Wednesday. Northern Ireland, on the other hand, announced the closure of bars and restaurants for four weeks.

On Monday, the British prime minister announced new interest rate restrictions that would close bars in Liverpool, among other places. The provision does not apply to food restaurants.