France already shows the first signs of improvement in the fight against coronavirus

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The curves of the boarding schools stabilize. The government seeks to ensure that the French can have a Christmas that is not digital, but not crowded.

France begins to have the first signs of improvement in the Covid 19 epidemic and the hospital curves stabilize, when the government seeks to ensure that the French can have a Christmas that is not digital but not crowded. It is still too early to claim victory. A trend that Great Britain is also looking for, when it begins to ease its alert zones, but under restrictions and severe lockdown in Scotland.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran assured that “there are signs of improvement. But we cannot say that we have defeated the virus or that the epidemic is over. We are in a phase where the virus is actively circulating. But we are in the process of regaining control of the dynamics of the epidemic ”, explained the minister.

“We are on the way to do better. Our efforts will finally pay off but above all we cannot stop now, “he clarified. You think they have passed the peak of the epidemic. In the European spring, in the middle of April, the number of those hospitalized reached 32,300 and 6,500 people were in resuscitation.

The pressure continues to be very strong on French hospitals, with 35,000 people currently hospitalized and 4,900 in intensive care. Since the pandemic began, 45,000 people have died in France.

“It seems that there is an inflection of the curve of the new cases. But the hospitals are still full. The intensive care rooms too ”, explained the head of emergencies at the Georges Pompidou hospital, Philippe Juvin.

With this scenario, the great challenges are Christmas and the end of the year holidays. The government’s dream is a family Christmas but without the excesses of a large gathering.

“What we want is to allow the French to spend their Christmas parties, the end of the year, their family vacations. But I cannot put an exact date at the end of the confinement, ”Minister Olivier Véran was honest.

A digital Christmas is the worst scenario in France. But no one expects more than six people to gather in a home if the lockdown is raised. At the moment everything is closed until December 1: bars, restaurants, non-essential shops and telecommuting for everyone who can.

Small traders have started enormous pressure, which they want to take to the Council of State, to be able to open from November 27 and allow to use the sales of “Black Friday” and Christmas purchases to recover their losses. But the Health Minister said that he does not have elements to allow opening on that date. At least 34 deputies from the majority are supporting the request of the merchants, who have written to President Emmanuel Macron.

“Today our goal is December 1. If the situation continues to accelerate in a positive way, traders will be able to work. But the decision will be taken next week ”, he assured. Regarding restaurants and bars, no decision has been made yet.

The French government is preparing for a distribution of the vaccine in January. At least it has signed five contracts, with different companies, to start the process, when they are authorized by the regulators. That of Pfirzer heads it but the British one from the University of Oxford and also the French one is expected.

President Emmanuel Macron wants the boys to be able to play sports in December and there will be no spectators in the stadiums before January.

In Britain there have been 70,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, but the NSH England recognized a record of deaths in hospitals, with 330 deaths. Two weeks ago they had reached 225.

Scotland will enter “lockdown” on Friday. People who are in Tier 4, with the worst restrictions, can be arrested if they try to leave their home. At least 2.3 million people in 11 areas they will face the toughest restrictions from Friday.

The fear now in England is that the country will go by Christmas to a strict Tier 4, with the prospect of limiting indoor gatherings and the sale of alcohol.

Health Minister Matt Hancock declined to dismiss the idea, saying what it was “Too early to analyze it”.



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