Singer and actor Fran perea starts the publication of what will be your sixth studio album. This new work is titled Songs to save me and it is an EP formed by four songs very vitalists who value music as a saving element of people.

“During the pandemic the need for culture to feed our souls on a daily basis, and more when that day to day has forced us (and continues to force us) to be at home in seclusion. Music, literature, the arts in general they served us as a refuge“, comments the artist.

Songs to save me it arises, as Perea explains, “from a revelation”: “Culture heals, culture heals. And it has saved us from falling into a deep sadness in these months. “The singer-songwriter was composing a new musical work when the pandemic broke out:” I had to stop my project due to the evidence that I needed to express what was happening to us“.

Cover of ‘Songs to save me’.

The first single from the EP is released today, November 19, and has the same title as the album. The complete work will be published on December 9, although it can be reserved at presale on November 26.

The album has had the musical production of Alfonso Samos, faithful to Fran since the beginning. Alfonso Samos himself participated in its recording as guitarist, choir and effects, Victor Elijah on keyboard, Micky Martínez on drums and Javier Rojas Uncle Cramps To the bass.

The single comes accompanied by a video set in the 19th century, in a fantasy world of healing elixirs that merges with dance and disco music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It is a dream in which Perea invites his audience to leave the confinement to enjoy life while the magic created by music lasts, which breaks the shocking silence.

Actresses such as Itziar Castro, Luz Valdenebro, Patricia Estremera, the influence Isaac Corrales, the presenter and actress Mary Ruiz, actors Alfonso Mendiguchia, Jordi Planas Y Juan Caballero and the seven times champion of Spain and Olympian in ice skating, Sara hurtado. A luxurious cast that represents the different eras and musical styles and heals their regrets thanks to the elixir of Perea, which the music gives them.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Fran Perea has carried out several initiatives that have turned out to be medicine for fans. The singer managed to reunite, albeit virtually, the entire family of The Serrano for the first time since 2006. In addition, he also made an appeal on social networks in which he asked people to share songs that had been saving for them, an initiative that thousands of people joined. Fran put many of those songs together in one playlist from Spotify.

Even though Songs to save me is still in full development, some have already been confirmed tour dates, to which some more will be added in the coming weeks. The singer will visit Granada on December 10, Malaga twice, the first on December 11 in Estepona; and the second, on February 20 in Mijas. Will pass through Córdoba on February 5 to, on February 6, stop at Sevilla. Then, on February 17, he will stop at Madrid and on the 19th he will return to the south to offer another concert in Almeria.