Taiwan’s technology group is best known for assembling consumer electronics, such as smartphones. But the announcement of the electric vehicle platform shows that Foxconn is involved in a market worth $ 800 billion by 2027, as part of its business diversification strategy, according to Allied Market Research.

William Wei, a director at Foxconn, said the company’s goal is to become the Android of electric vehicles, a reference to the mobile device operating system provided by Google.

“We believe this is our mission,” Wei said.

Android, the most used mobile operating system in the world by market share, has managed to become dominant because it is open source. This means that smartphone manufacturers can use the software as such on their smartphones, but also customize it according to their needs.

Instead, Apple’s iOS is exclusively for iPhones and is strictly controlled by the Cupertino giant.

Foxconn introduced what it called the “MIH Open Platform.” It is essentially a set of tools that would allow a company to design large parts of an electric car that would be manufactured by Foxconn.

Car manufacturers can choose the chassis design of their cars, from SUVs to sedans, and can customize it however they want, from the wheelbase to the size of the battery.

Foxconn calls its platform “modular”, which means that some components could be replaced and upgraded at a later date.

But Foxconn also offers software that developers can still build. Some of this concerns critical functions and autonomous machines.

It seems that Foxconn is trying to bring together almost all the parts needed for a complete car.

The company said it is working on the so-called solid state batteries, which are seen as the next generation of current lithium-ion batteries used in cars. These could allow for greater autonomy and greater efficiency.

Foxconn said it expects to launch a solid state battery in 2024.

“After 2025, anyone who owns solid-state battery technologies will dominate the industry,” said Jerry Hsiao, Foxconn’s product manager.