"Fox news is dead": Trump breaks with his favorite news channel and already has his own channels

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The Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet began to turn its back on him. And the president introduced his new friends: NewsMax and One American News.

If there was anything that characterized the presidency of Donald Trump, it was that love relationship he had with the conservative Fox news network. The mogul, television lover and former reality star, got up plugged into his programming and went to bed watching his shows while tweeting about guests, news and statements from his favorite commentators . Rupert Murdoch’s media empire was key for the politically inexperienced New Yorker to win the election in 2016 and then to keep the Trump ranks energized, especially by amplifying conspiracy theories emanating from the White House.

But the romance with Fox is over and Trump already seems to have new favorite networks. This Thursday the outgoing president launched a furious barrage of tweets and retweets with comments such as: “The daily ratings of @FoxNews have completely collapsed. The weekend ones are even WORSE. It is very sad to see that this is happening, but they forget what made them successful, what led them there ”.

And he retweeted phrases like: “FoxNews is dead”, “Fox has been completely unfair and a liar. You have to switch to NewsMax ”,“ Fox has been a disaster since Election Day ”,“ Hello, old friends at FoxNews, go to NewsMax… They try to be honest ”,“ Without a doubt, FoxNews was 24/7 in our homes for the last 7 years, but not been in the last 7 days”.

Rupert Murdoch’s news network began to show signs of distancing itself from Trump since night of the elections, on November 3, when he won the Democrat Joe Biden in Arizona, following the traditional AP agency count, when no other network did it because they calculated that the result was too tight to give a winner. Trump himself came out publicly at dawn and when counting his numbers, he mentioned Fox’s measure with obvious disgust.

When Trump organized the judicial offensive to denounce electoral fraud, he was not supported by the network that had previously been so loyal to him: he saw with fury, for example, how Biden was described as “President elect” and it also gave voice to Republican officials who said they had not detected significant irregularities at the voting centers.

The chain still maintained the ultratrumpist comments of the presenters Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and other personalities who defend the tycoon at all costs and denounce that the elections have been fraudulent. But it was clear that Fox was preparing to an America without Trump.

Another sign that Murdoch’s world is starting to turn its back on Trump is that the newspaper’s editorial board The Wall Street Journal, also from the media mogul, wrote on Friday night that “whoever wins needs the other to give in in order to govern.”

The newspaper acknowledged Trump’s right to take legal action if he had evidence of wrongdoing, but warned: “Trump’s legacy will be greatly diminished if his final act is a bitter refusal to accept legitimate defeat. Republican officials will turn around, and eventually, so will the American public who wants the election resolved. “

After a series of corporate bankruptcies, Trump rebuilt his image as a host on the reality show “The Apprentice.” Controversial and addicted to distorting reality, no one doubts that the tycoon has an immense charisma that kept his followers hypnotized with jokes or conspiracy theories.

Now he may be looking for a new platform for when he leaves the White House. He has even hinted that he will launch a kind of “Trump TV” to amplify your ideas and perhaps that idea is the germ of this open fight.

You have already pointed out your new favorite media which are cable signals NewsMax y One American News (OAN) that until now did not have much weight, but have grown after the elections and have been directly mentioned by Trump, who may buy them (if he has not already done so).

In recent months a correspondent from the unknown OAN among the media accredited to the White House, which used to be chosen by Trump to close press conferences with a question that always appeared completely directed so that the president could expand on some subject that he liked.

NewsMax, for its part, has multiplied its audience tremendously after the elections, as Trump fans became disenchanted with Fox. In July, for example, the channel had about 25,000 simultaneous viewers, something that is minimal compared to a giant like Fox or any TV standard. But in October it had 65,000, at the beginning of November it climbed to 182,000 and on Monday it had 347,000, on Tuesday 437,000. Some shows reached 800,000 viewers, according to media analyst Brian Stelter (and all this before the promotional shower of tweets on Thursday).

In these brand-new channels, today promoted by the presidential Twitter, Biden has not yet been named the winner and the conspiracy theories that will have mobilized, at least for a time, Trump followers are amplified. Will they be Trump’s new refuge when he finally leaves the White House? Will their new platforms be from which to shoot on the future Biden administration? It is very possible.

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