Four men, four kisses

After the family dates, Bachelorette Melissa comes close to each of the remaining men for the first time – emotionally and physically.

Melissa (25) learns in the sixth episode of the RTL dome show “Die Bachelorette” (also via TVNow) Know family members of their chosen ones and thereby come a great deal closer to them. “The bond becomes even more intense,” speculates the “Bachelorette” at the beginning of the episode. And should be right. Both physically and emotionally it sizzles with almost everyone.

Before that, the men can get creative on a group date and bring their best moments of the show to the screen. Which of course encourages all guys to immortalize their individual dates. Ioannis (30) doesn’t stop at mood pictures and decorates his canvas with hashtags like “Love”, “Melissa” or “Open”.

Speaking of opening: That was not easy for Ioannis, the “Bachelorette’s” favorite. When the men received video greetings from their families at the evening of the movie after sunset, tears break out. Which makes a big impression on Melissa. But surprise, it doesn’t stop with the video messages: A few minutes later, the family members are in flesh and blood in front of the “Bachelorette” candidates.

“I’ve never had such a nice meeting”

The next day Melissa gets to know the families one more time. While eating with Daniel (24) and his brother and father, everyone is enthusiastic about each other. And Daniel’s dad Jürgen is sure: “Yes, there is something there. It’s just like that. And you can feel it.” Jürgen even wants to download Instagram to find out more about Melissa. Melissa also says: “I’ve never had such a nice meeting with family members.”

After the family reunion, Melissa and Daniel get some time for themselves. Melissa lies in his arms on the white cushions of the wicker couch with the sea in the background and discovers that his pulse is beating faster and faster. “Maybe it’s because of the girl who is in my arms …” Then the two of them kiss for the first time. “You couldn’t have painted yourself better,” said Daniel beaming with joy afterwards.

The next day, Moritz ‘(31) family continues. But something is not right here: Moritz does not seek eye contact with Melissa and only talks about his travel plans when he is planning his future, after all, he is still unbound. A sentence that should be his undoing. “I want a we,” Melissa complains to the camera. “It’s hard to say now whether it’s enough for a relationship,” Moritz explains to his brother.

At the two-person date afterwards, Melissa brings up the topic again: “I think about the common path that one goes. But you only talk about yourself.” Because Melissa then urgently needs to go to the toilet, he can no longer clear up the problem, which is perhaps just a misunderstanding. Even his attempt to show her with a kiss that he is safe does not quite work: The kiss is only a short kiss. The completely surprised Melissa can’t do much with it: “I couldn’t assign where the kiss came from now.” Moritz has a completely different feeling: “I think we agreed once more that it was exactly the pace we wanted.”

“Do you kiss everyone now?” – Yes.

With Ioannis it will be much more relaxed the next day: His cousin and his wife signed Ioannis on the show on a whine – also because he claimed at the time that he would win every season. He doesn’t seem so wrong with Melissa. “You noticed that the chemistry was just right,” said his cousin’s wife. On a romantic spot at the harbor, Ioannis and Melissa can end their day together afterwards. They talk again about the problematic morning after their overnight date. “That was too much for me too quickly.” Ioannis corrects her: “Too quickly too beautiful.” Melissa has to explain three more times that she meant it as she said it before Ioannis finally listens to her. At the end, Ioannis gives her another kiss that she actually didn’t want: “It was weird. I didn’t want to kiss Ioanni today because Ioanni is something special to me and I’ve already kissed someone this week.” Even the jealous Ioannis seems to be slowly realizing this: “She’s going, has her next date the days and I sit there and think to myself, does she kiss everyone now? Or does she just kiss me?”

The next family reunion takes place with Leander (22) and his father. And that also works surprisingly well. “You have to give him the time, then he also gives his heart,” his father explains to her in a one-on-one conversation. The patience should be worth it. At sunset on the cliffs, the two of them make plans for “the time after”. “Somehow I get embarrassed when Leander looks me in the eye … I’m not that strong anymore, I’m very small,” enthuses Melissa in retrospect. Finally, the two of them have their first kiss. “It was like time stood still,” said Leander.

Four men, four family dates, four kisses – a lot of emotional confusion for Melissa: “Four men with whom you allow closeness … It’s just not normal, but it is actually possible that you can have this feeling about everyone.” The Night of the Roses is correspondingly emotional – but not necessarily surprising when measured against the kisses. Daniel, Ioannis and Leander are allowed to stay.

Moritz has to go. “I think it wouldn’t have been enough for a relationship,” says Melissa. His insecurity would have unsettled her in the long run. Melissa wishes him “very, very good luck” anyway and says goodbye to the blond with tears in her eyes. In the car you can see Moritz’s disappointment: “That was exactly what I feared. Yes, we had a nice evening. But three others were probably even nicer. Fuck …”


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