The first free rehearsals of the Russian GP were carried out in a broken manner. Spins and scrap were born, especially in one bend.

The tenth, fast-paced turn to the right on the track proved to be a challenging spot.

After half an hour driving McLaren Carlos Sainz crashed the stern of his car above the wall. The Spaniard was allowed to bring his car to the depot, where the mechanics had to embark on a major repair operation.

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A moment later, Williams Nicholas latifi pushed his car out on the same bend identically. The car escaped from the Canadian’s hands, crashing into the wall with the stern in front. Unlike Sainz, Latif had to leave his car on the track.

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The red flags prevented the drivers from going around the track for about ten minutes, so the last half hour was a busy time as everyone grabbed the laps for themselves. Tight braking caused numerous spins throughout the session.

Mersu is not perfect

On the basis of the opening exercises, no conclusions should be drawn that go too far, but Mercedes, the top stable in the series, did not survive the first hour and a half without any problems.

Mixed Lewis Hamilton that Valtteri Bottas made a spectacular mistake in tight braking. It speaks of a balance problem,

Despite his mistake, Bottas was at the top of the leaderboard. Hamilton, who was left without a decent time lap, was the second slowest in the whole group, with Latifi just rushing out behind him.

Alfa Romeon Kimi Raikkonen was 15th.

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