Formula 3: Tests start in Barcelona on Monday

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The Formula 3 season ended three weeks ago in Mugello, but on October 5, the official two-day tests start in Barcelona, ​​in which teams and riders of the youth series will already begin preparations for the 2021 championship.

On Monday, the work will be organized according to the following schedule: the morning three-hour session starts at 9.00, the afternoon one – at 14.00. On Tuesday morning, the schedule will be similar, but the afternoon session will start at 13:00 and end at 16:00.

Pirelli’s tire makers have prepared for the tests the tires of the only Hard compound, and six sets are allocated for each car for two days of testing.

The tests will involve both well-known young riders and newcomers hoping to make a good impression and get a place in one of the teams next season.

In particular, Arthur Leclair, the younger brother of Ferrari driver Charles Leclair, will work with the Prema Racing team. Also, this Italian team invited 17-year-old Norwegian Dennis Hauger, the reigning Italian Formula 4 champion and participant of the Red Bull youth program, to the tests.

In addition, David Schumacher, son of Ralf Schumacher and nephew of the seven-time world champion, will be working with Prema on Monday.

On both test days, the ART team’s car will be piloted by Victor Martins, individual leader of the Formula Renault Eurocup, while another Renault Sport Academy student, Chao Collet, will join the MP Motorsport team on Tuesday.

It is also worth noting that the Russian SMP Racing driver Michael Belov will work with the Charouz Racing System team in Barcelona, ​​while the German Sofia Florsh will drive the Campos Racing car.

List of test participants

Pilot Command Results in 2020
#1. A.Leclair According to 1st / Regional Formula
# 2. D.Hauger According to 17th / Formula 3
# 3. D. Schumacher (1st day) According to 28th / Formula 3
# 3. R. Stanek (2nd day) According to 21st / Formula 3
#4. I. Fraga Hitech GP 24th / Formula 3
#five. D. Crawford Hitech GP 2nd / ADAC Formula 4
# 6. O. Rasmussen (1st day) Hitech GP 3rd / Regional Formula
# 6. P.-L. Shaw (2nd day) Hitech GP 19th / Formula 3
# 7. R. Stanek (1st day) ART Grand Prix 21st / Formula 3
# 7. M. Nannini (2nd day) ART Grand Prix 18th / Formula 3
#8. O. Caldwell ART Grand Prix 16th in FIA F3
# 9. W. Martins ART Grand Prix 1st / Formula Renault
#ten. D. Duen Trident 26th / Formula 3
#eleven. K.Novalak Trident 12th / Formula 3
#12. J. Villa Trident 6th / F4 France
#12. D. Schumacher Trident 28th / Formula 3
#fourteen. D. Hughes (1st day) HWA Racelab 7th / F3
# 14. T. van der Helm (2nd day) HWA Racelab 14th / Formula Renault
#fifteen. E. Fittipaldi HWA Racelab 15th / Formula 3
# 16. V.Alatalo (1st day) HWA Racelab 7th / Formula Renault
#sixteen. O. Rasmussen (2nd day) HWA Racelab 3rd / Regional Formula
# 17. F. Colapinto (1st day) MP Motorsport 4th / Formula Renault
# 17. C. Collet (2nd day) MP Motorsport 2nd / Renault Formula
#eighteen. D. Edgar MP Motorsport 1st / ADAC Formula 4
#19. A. Cordil MP Motorsport 11th / Renault Formula
#20. K. Williams Jenzer Motorsport 31st / Formula 3
# 21. F.Ugra Jenzer Motorsport 5th / F4 Italy
# 22. D. Hoggard Jenzer Motorsport
# 23. P. Pasma Charouz Racing System 5th / Regional Formula
# 24. D.Knopp Charouz Racing System 9th / F4 UAE
# 25. M. Belov Charouz Racing System 23rd / Formula 3
# 26. I. Cohen Carlin 7th / Euroformula
# 27. B. Barnicoat Carlin 11th / Euroformula
# 28. S.Flersh Carlin 29th / Formula 3
# 29. A. Famularo Campos Racing 8th / Regional Formula
# 30. P.-L. Shaw (1st day) Campos Racing 19th / Formula 3
#thirty. J. Villa (2nd day) Campos Racing 6th / F4 France
# 31. M. Nannini (1st day) Campos Racing 18th / Formula 3
# 31. V.Alatalo (2nd day) Campos Racing 7th / Formula Renault



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