Formula 1: what must happen for Lewis Hamilton to be seven-time champion in Turkey and equal Michael Schumacher

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The highest category returns to Istanbul, where this Friday the training sessions for date 14, which will be run on Sunday, will start.

Formula 1 returns to Istanbul after 9 years, with the possibility of meeting the champion of the season despite the fact that there will be three other dates remaining after Sunday. With Mercedes already crowned in the Constructors’ Championship, Lewis Hamilton will have a chance to win at a new circuit with Mercedes (when he won in 2010, he was racing at McLaren) and achieve his seventh title in F1, equaling Michael Schumacher’s record.

The English rider will have his first chance at the Turkish Grand Prix to become a seven-time champion and only one rider will be able to avoid it: his teammate, Valtteri Boots. For that he will have to achieve at least eight points more than the British.

With nine races won in 13 Grands Prix, Hamilton managed to get him 85 points of advantage to Finnish. Therefore, taking into account that Bottas can achieve a maximum of 78 units in the last three tests (two in Bahrain and one in Abu Dhabi), the Englishman will confirm his title if he wins the race this Sunday or also if he finishes second, provided that the other Mercedes did not achieve the victory plus the extra point of the fastest lap.

In any other combination, it is also worth having Bottas cut you seven points maximum. Whereas in a hypothetical (and very difficult) event of a tie in points at the end of the season, Hamilton will be the winner due to the races won: 9v2 at the moment.

Hamilton has the advantage. Along with Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez, is one of the four drivers on the grid who know the Intercity Istanbul Park, unprecedented in F1 since 2011.

In the fight for the runner-up, Bottas has 35 advantage points on Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after the fiasco in Imola of the Dutch, who aspires to return to the load.

The fourteenth race of the season will begin this Sunday at 7.10 in Argentina and will be televised on ESPN 2, while ESPN will broadcast Friday’s rehearsals and Saturday’s third practice and qualifying.

– If Bottas wins and gets the best lap point, Hamilton will not be champion.

– If Bottas wins without the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he is second.

– If Bottas is second with the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he finishes at least fourth.

– If Bottas is third with the point of the best lap, Hamilton will be champion if he is at least fifth.

– If Bottas is third without the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he is at least sixth.

– If Bottas is fourth with the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he is at least seventh.

– If Bottas is fourth without the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he is at least eighth.

– If Bottas is fifth with the best lap point, Hamilton will be champion if he is at least eighth.



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