Formula 1: what does Lewis Hamilton need to be champion in Turkey and add 7 titles like Michael Schumacher?

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The British driver has the upper hand on his way to the seventh championship in motorsport’s elite. You can do it on November 15.

With his victory in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, Lewis Hamilton established himself as the leader of Formula 1 and came very close to conquering his seventh title and equal the record of the legendary Michael Schumacher as the top winner of the premier class of motorsport.

The Briton, who gave Mercedes a new constructors’ championship on Sunday, could secure his consecration within two weeks at the Turkish Grand Prix. And he depends on himself to achieve it.

If you win in Istanbul or finish second and earn the extra point for the fastest lap, will shout championregardless of what his teammate Valtteri Bottas does, who escorts him into the standings.

After the victory in the event at the Italian racetrack, the 93rd of his career, Hamilton was first with 282 points and an 85 advantage over Bottas, who was second, adding 197 and is the only one with a chance to steal the title.

There are four dates to go until the end of the season: Turkey, two in Bahrain, on November 29 and December 6, and one in Abu Dhabi, on December 13.

The British will be reached by leaving Turkey with 78 points more than Bottas, who could only discount that figure if he wins the last three races and always adds the fastest lap, and Hamilton abandons in all.

If that worst scenario occurs for the hexacampeón, they would be tied on points. And in that case, Hamilton would stay the same with the title.

It is that Lewis accumulates nine victories in this 2020: Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Tuscany (Italy), Germany, Portugal and Sunday, again on Italian soil. And Bottas, who won just two – the first to be held in Austria and Russia – could no longer reach that mark.

There are several combinations of results that would crown the English champion on Turkish soil and define a 2020 championship that saw its calendar affected and conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

If Hamilton wins, he will reach 307 points. And Bottas, still remaining second and taking the point per fastest lap, would accumulate 216 units, 91 less than the English, who would take the title.

If the Finn wins, he would reach 222 points. And the British, being second with fastest lap, would add 301, 79 more, so he would also secure the championship.

The same will happen if Bottas climbs to the top of the podium and Hamilton to the second step, but that extra point for fastest lap goes for another pilot. In that case, the difference would be 78 points (300 against 222) and Hamilton would prevail in that hypothetical final tiebreaker by the number of wins this season.

But if Bottas wins in Istanbul and also makes the best time in a lap, he would finish with 223 points and second place would not reach Hamilton, who would be left with a 77-point lead.

If Bottas doesn’t win, Hamilton will secure the title by being second, third or fourth. Also if he finishes fifth or in a better position and Bottas gets a third place or worse.

If the British is sixth, it will be enough if the Finn does not exceed third place and does not get the fastest lap.

If his teammate does not reach the podium, the Briton will establish himself being seventh or eighth, but with a fast lap. If Bottas is fifth or worse, it will be enough for him to finish ninth and add that extra point. And if Valtteri finishes sixth or lower and neither of them achieves the fastest lap, Hamilton will guarantee himself the trophy by being tenth.


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