Formula 1: the unforgettable 10 Grand Prix of Lewis Hamilton, who made history and reached the record of 92 races won

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The British pilot surpassed the 91 triumphs of Michael Schumacher. A review of his most memorable moments, for the meaning and what he experienced.

Along the 262 races, between the six seasons with McLaren and the eight with Mercedes Benz, he knows little by little to select 10 Unforgettable Grand Prizes of Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1.

The Briton was left alone with him race record won (92), one more than he shared with Michael Schumacher, and is on track to match the seven German titles.

After the triumph in Portugal, this is the capricious choice of just a handful of races that will be hard to forget, good and bad, because even the most successful make mistakes.

Come and see the story written by Hamilton.

To measure a legend like Hamilton, one thing is enough: Schumacher spent 16 races in Formula 1 to win the first, while the Englishman made the podium in his first five, until was imposed in the sixth. It was on June 10, 2007, at the Canadian Grand Prix, remembered for the accident of Robert Kubica.

“Sooner or later it would happen. The team helped me by having a racing car in perfect condition and I had no problems. The next dream is to win the championship. But I don’t forget that I’m a rookie and I’m sure bad times will come, “said the Englishman, like a premonition of everything that would happen next.

From the start of the season, with his victory in Australia, Hamilton was encouraged to discuss with Ferrari his privileged place in Formula 1 and regain the throne he had lost the previous year. Thus, the Brazilian Grand Prix, last race of the year, leader with 94 points, seven more than Felipe Massa, when ten were awarded to the winner and eight to the second, so the Brazilian could only occupy one of those first positions and wait.

The rain wanted to add more emotion to the finish at Interlagos, where Massa crossed the checkered flag first and was champion (virtually) for 39 seconds.

While the Ferrari box celebrated, Hamilton, who needed to be fifth but two laps from the end, was sixth, he beat Timo Glock at the last breath and lifted the first of his (for now) six titles, setting the record of being at 23 years the youngest champion in history.

If the first had been overshadowed by the Kubica accident, Hamilton’s second victory in Montreal was one of the most exciting of his career. On June 13, 2010, he made the pole with his McLaren and on the track he faced his former teammate Alonso, who was trying to give Ferrari a title after that of Raikkonen.

The Englishman, who had just won his first test of the season in Turkey, maintained his pole until he had to go to the pits, when Alonso passed him. With patience, laps later he regained the position and also Jenson Button surpassed the Spaniard, so McLaren took a celebrated 1-2 from Canada ahead of the Prancing Horse.

It was not the last victory in Montreal for Hamilton. He then won five more to be the sixth driver to win the same GP five or more times.

On July 28, 2013, in his tenth test as a driver for his new team, Hamilton achieved his first victory at Mercedes. At the Hungarian Grand Prix, he had a perfect race: he started from the pole, as in the two previous dates, but never delivered the first place, thanks to an outstanding handling that allowed him to defuse the attempts of overtaking of his rivals.


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