Formula 1: Sebastián Vettel hit a blow in Sochi and the nightmare continues for Ferrari

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The German seriously damaged his car after getting lost in stage 2 of qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix.

It’s hard to imagine a worse season for Sebastian Vettel. The quadruple world champion is having a disastrous year in Formula 1 and this Saturday he added another black chapter, when he suffered a violent accident during qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix.

There were two minutes and 15 seconds to go to close Q2 when the Teuton, who was looking for his fastest lap, lost control of his Ferrari, which went tail, crashed into the containment barriers at the exit of Turn 4 from the Sochi circuit and dangerously returned to the track.

Just behind was his teammate, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, who almost crashed into Vettel’s vehicle. “Oh my God. That was very, very close, ”Leclerc commented over the radio after avoiding the collision by centimeters.

Immediately the red flags were waved that marked the stoppage of activity in Q2. Fortunately, Vettel was able to leave the car on his own and without difficulty, although his activity for the day ended there.

The stoppage complicated champion Lewis Hamilton, who had not yet been able to record a timed lap in Q2 up to that point. But at the time of the restart he achieved the record he needed to get into the top 10 (he got the fourth best time) and overcome the cut.

Vettel’s accident was another blemish in an extremely adverse season for Ferrari, a historic team that two weeks ago, at the Tuscan Grand Prix, completed 100th appearances in the main category of world motorsport, but has not achieved a Title.

For Vettel, these are the last races aboard a Prancing Horse racing car after five years, since from 2021 he will race in Aston Martin (the current Racing Point team) alongside Canadian Lance Stroll. His place at Ferrari will be taken by Spaniard Carlos Sainz.



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