Formula 1 motorist incomes in 2020 

Due To The Fact That 2010, the individual magazine Organization Publication Family Doctor has actually been actually performing its personal research study in the business of business economics and also money of Formula 1, evaluating thoroughly all readily available details. In the most recent version of the magazine, the incomes of Formula 1 motorists in 2020 are actually released.

Certainly, all the varieties are actually off the record, the repayment of a variety of incentives to motorcyclists for accomplishing particular end results may substantially readjust the revenue upwards. Furthermore, advertising and marketing agreements are actually certainly not consisted of in the information given.

Lewis Hamilton continues to be the greatest paid for Formula 1 motorist for several years. His compensation in 2020 is actually determined at 47 thousand europeans versus 42 thousand in 2019. In 2nd spot is actually Sebastian Vettel along with 35 thousand europeans, in 3rd – Daniel Riccardo along with twenty thousand europeans.

Reviewed to in 2015, Maximum Verstappen’s compensation has actually boosted – coming from 12 thousand europeans to 16 thousand europeans. Valtteri Bottas’ raise through 1 thousand europeans, arriving at 9 thousand. Ferrari’s remittances to Charles Leclair are actually determined at the exact same quantity. Daniil Kvyat’s compensation over recent year has actually certainly not altered and also is actually 750 many thousand europeans.

Formula 1 motorist incomes in 2020

Racer Order Earnings
L. Hamilton Mercedes EUR 47 thousand
S. Vettel Ferrari 35 thousand europeans
D. Riccardo Renault twenty thousand europeans
M. Verstappen Reddish Upward 16 thousand europeans
V. Bottas Mercedes 9 thousand europeans
S. Leclair Ferrari 9 thousand europeans
K. Raikkonen Alfa Romeo 6 thousand europeans
K. Sines McLaren 4.5 thousand europeans
S. Perez Competing Instance 4 thousand europeans
E. Okon Renault 4 thousand europeans
Р.Грожан Haas 2 thousand europeans
K.Magnussen Haas 2 thousand europeans
A. Elbon Reddish Upward 2 thousand europeans
L. Norris McLaren 1.5 thousand europeans
L. Walk Competing Instance 1.5 thousand europeans
P. Gasley AlphaTauri EUR 1 thousand
D.Kvyat AlphaTauri 0.75 thousand europeans
D. Russell Williams 0.75 thousand europeans
N. Latifi Williams 0.75 thousand europeans
A. Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 0.5 thousand europeans



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