Formula 1 GP of Belgium: GPs protest

It’s not a good idea for the Belgian Grand Prix to be continued at Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday 29th August. Domus Medica, the Belgian GP organisation, says so. They urged the government to reverse the relaxations.

Recent announcements by the Belgian government indicate that they will abandon a number of measures that were in place since 13 August. This comes as the infection rates are increasing again. According to the GP organisation, this is a poor time to relax. “The numbers are not going well, at first we saw an increase that may have been due to more testing. Roel van Geel stated, “You can’t say that anymore.” The newspapaer. “We asked the general practitioners around and they see more infections and more patients. The positivity ratio also continues to rise.”

Part of the relaxation was allowing major events to continue, like the Formula 1 race at Spa circuit. The doctors are against this. “We didn’t think that was a good idea even then and it still isn’t. We refer to mass events, such as [muziekfestival]Pukkelpop and Spa-Francorchamps. It’s impossible to continue this trend with the growing number of people. It is not common for people to ask for this.” At the entrance to the event, visitors must present a Corona Safe Ticket. This is known as CoronaCheck in the Netherlands.

Van Giel thinks that vaccinating the population is not fast enough and calls for a sensible approach to the relaxation “The vaccination works, we know that. The second shot is only two weeks later and the process doesn’t begin until then. You should keep an eye on the figures from two week ago. We are now at only a third population. It is much more difficult to introduce new measures or reverse relaxations within a few weeks than pressing the pause button right now. People are not going to accept new measures or they will get a mental breakdown.”

On Sunday 29 August, the Belgian Grand Prix will take place. The F1 circus will arrive in Zandvoort one week later for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands.


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