Formula 1 congratulates Kimi on her birthday!

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A week ago, the racing world congratulated Kimi Raikkonen, because after the Eifel Grand Prix, the Finn topped the ranking of the most experienced drivers in the history of Formula 1 – he has already 323 starts in the world championship, and this number will only grow.

And today again there is a reason to congratulate him, because Kimi is celebrating her 41st birthday!

Of course, he was congratulated by all the teams for which he played and continues to perform in Formula 1 – Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and McLaren. Pirelli tire manufacturers, and, of course, the championship leadership did not stand aside. Of course, congratulations from the fans simply cannot be counted, there are tens if not hundreds of thousands, because Kimi remains one of the most popular riders in the world.

It is clear that GizmoNova joins all these congratulations, especially since we have been following the career of this wonderful driver and very interesting person since his debut in the Sauber team in 2001! And there is a chance that we will continue to do so in the next season.

Happy birthday Kimi!



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