Formula 1 and a weekend that goes from controversy to tragedy with Hamilton and Petrov as protagonists

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The British criticized the Russian’s appointment as commissioner of the Portuguese GP, but a former class rider will not occupy that position due to the murder of his father.

From controversy to tragedy. The life of the ex-Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov gained notoriety in the last hours and he was wrapped in a roller coaster like his passport. Statements by him that outraged the LGBTQ ++ community, his appointment as commissioner of the Portuguese Grand Prix, a confrontation with Lewis Hamilton and, most recently and sadly, the murder of his father.

From the International Federation (FIA) it was announced that the Russian would leave the city of Portimao, where he was going to work as commissioner, due to personal duel. He will be replaced by Portuguese Bruno Correia.

It happens that Alexandr Petrov, businessman and municipal deputy in the district of Vyborg (near the border with Finland), died in the Leningrad region in what would be classified, according to the Russian news agencies TASS and Ria Novosti, as a murder .

The body of the politician, a member of President Vladimir Putin’s party, was found dead and with signs of having been shot. The Russian media 47 News even handles the information that he could have been the victim of a sniper.

It is known: motoring in itself demands a lot of money and it is impossible to reach the top without almost million-dollar investments. Petrov, an influential businessman and man, was instrumental in the development of the career of his son Vitaly, who reached the elite of Formula 1 in 2010 and competed in the top flight (in which he reached a podium) until 2012, with the Lotus Renault and Caterham F1 teams.

In recent years, the Russian pilot played mainly in the World Endurance Championship.

Petrov’s name had been involved in controversy in recent days because of certain statements he had made and that earned him the rejection of both the LGBTQ ++ collective and Lewis Hamilton.

Vitaly referred to the protests of sportsmen kneeling and the use by the British of a T-shirt that demanded justice for Breonna Taylor, a victim of police violence against the black community in the United States.

“I do not understand kneeling. According to our tradition, one kneels in two moments: before God, in church, and when he proposes to his wife,” launched the Russian, who later raised the ante.

“Half the audience didn’t understand what the (Hamilton) jersey was about. We don’t have that problem in Russia. What if one of the pilots confesses that he is gay and comes out with a rainbow flag (sic) and encourages everyone to be? “Petrov completed.

That is why, faced with the FIA’s determination to give him the position of commissioner for the Portuguese Grand Prix, Hamilton was not silent.

“I don’t understand why he is here. As if there were no other good options … It is a surprise to see that they hire someone who has those beliefs and who generates noise against the things we are trying to fight for, “said who this Sunday will seek to become the man with the most triumphs in the history.

“There is nothing I can do about it,” added Hamilton, “but we should definitely include people who are in keeping with the times, who are understanding of the current situation and sensitive to the issues around us.”

Finally, Petrov will not be at the Portuguese GP, but for a tragic reason.


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