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He was part of the government between 2012 and 2013 and was kidnapped on September 9. A week ago the family distributed food for two million dollars as demanded by their captors.

The former vice president of Paraguay, Óscar Denis, 74, turns two weeks this Wednesday kidnapped by the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), while seven days have elapsed since his family announced that they had completed the distribution of food for two million dollars demanded by the guerrillas for his release.

Denis, vice president of the liberal Cabinet that ruled the country between 2012 and 2013, was kidnapped on September 9 together with Adelio Mendoza, a young laborer from his cattle ranch who was released last week.

Both were intercepted by a group of armed men when they left in a vehicle from that room, between the departments of Amambay and Concepción.

Two days after the release of Mendoza, who arrived at the estancia on his own feet, the family of the retired politician told the media that they had proceeded to distribute food and supplies in the peasant communities in the north of the country designated by the EPP to deliver Denis.

The EPP’s demand, indicated days after the kidnapping in a statement that reached the family, established the distribution of these shipments in forty settlements and for a total value of two million dollars.

Since the distribution was made, the family has reiterated the calls to the guerrillas to give them proof of life Denis, with a picture of diabetes and hypertension for which he requires daily medication.

Concern for his health increased after Mendoza tested positive for the coronavirus after his release.

The family also continues to demand that the guerrillas open a communication channel to manage the delivery of Denis, who as a politician was also the governor of Concepción and president of the Liberal Party, the largest of the opposition.

The EPP, founded in 2008 Under Marxist postulates, it also demanded from the Government, also as a demand to free Denis, the release of two of its leaders, Carmen Villalba and Alcides Oviedo, which the Executive considered “impossible to fulfill.”

In the case of Denis, various members of the Government indicated that it is a political kidnapping, given the profile of the victim and the demand for the release of Villalba and Oviedo.

Lthe offer of a prisoner exchange It was already raised by the EPP to the previous government of Horacio Cartes (2013-2018) as a condition for releasing the policeman Edelio Morínigo, kidnapped in 2014 when he was participating in a hunting party in the north of the country.

The Government rejected the exchange and since then there is no news of Morínigo’s whereabouts.

However, the EPP kidnappings have been aimed at the foundership of their armed activity, which they have combined with economic extortions from agricultural producers.

One of these businessmen, Félix Urbieta, was kidnapped in 2016 by a split in the EPP, who did not contact his family again because he did not pay the required ransom. about $ 300,000.

Morínigo’s parents and Urbieta’s daughters have since maintained a campaign directed at the Government to confirm whether they are both alive or dead.

The lack of results in the face of the EPP’s activity has put the Joint Task Force (FTC), the combined military and police, in the crosshairs of Paraguayan society. created in 2013 to fight the guerrillas.


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