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Bradley Parscale, who was Donald Trump’s campaign manager until July, was forcibly hospitalized after having barricaded himself with weapons in his home and his wife’s fear of possible suicide, Fort Lauderdale, Florida police confirmed. The official report of the incident, to which Efe had access, revealed that Candice Parscale, Parscale’s wife, called the emergency service on Sunday because she feared that her husband “had shot himself.”

The woman assured officers who arrived at her home in Fort Lauderdale, a city 30 miles north of Miami, that Parscale had been “talking excitedly to himself and then heard a gunshot.” “Shortly after, the man leaned out of a window” and after disappearing from sight he heard another sound like another shot, said Candice Parscale. “The wife refused to enter the house and said she was scared,” continues the report, noting that Parscale was in the home with the family’s dogs. Once the police officers had eye contact with the man, they reported that he was sitting on the ground, shirtless and wearing a hat, while talking on the phone, visibly upset.

In a statement to the newspaper ‘Sun-Sentinel’, the police officer Timothy Skaggs, a family friend, appeared on the scene and called Parscale by phone to convince him to leave. “He was babbling, like he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and it looked like he was crying,” the officer said. After rejecting a negotiator specialized in cases of potential suicide, the agents entered the house, taking advantage of a moment in which “Parscale had sat down on the sofa in the main living room and had a beer, while he continued talking to himself.” The 44-year-old man, over 2 meters tall, was controlled by the police after he refused to leave the house voluntarily. The police report revealed that after the incident, officers seized 10 firearms at the residence, two of which were rifles.

Parscale was taken to a hospital near his home for a psychiatric evaluation. There he was held under a Florida law (Baker Act), which authorizes the authorities to involuntarily keep a person in hospital for up to 72 hours who is declared “mentally unstable and who could be a harm to himself or others.”

Parscale was an official part of Trump’s team from 2015 until July of this year, when he was fired from his position as head of the campaign for the re-election of the US president. According to the local press, his departure was caused by the failure of the first proselytizing rally organized in the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma). However, he had remained linked to Trump’s electoral operation.

“Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We stand ready to support him and his family in any way possible,” said Trump’s campaign communication chief for the November election, Tim Murtaugh.



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