Former President of Peru, former ministers and police denounced for homicide

The former Peruvian president Manuel Merino his prime minister was criminally denounced along with him, Ántero Flores-Aráoz, and Minister of the Interior Gaston Rodriguez, both still in office, as well as the heads of the National Police for the crimes of qualified homicide, abuse of authority and injuries.

The complaint “for serious violations of human rights” was presented to Peru’s attorney general, Zoraida Ávalos, after two young people died and dozens of people were injured during the protests that took place last week in Lima against the Merino government.

The document, presented by eight human rights organizations, includes the director general of the National Police, Orlando Velasco, and the head of the Lima police region, Jorge Cayas, since the police harshly repressed the massive protests that began last year. Wednesday in Lima.

Excessive repression

The complaint indicates that, in addition to the repression of the protesters, riot police also attacked members of the press with direct hits to the body with tear gas and pellets.

He adds that after the death of the university students Jack Pintado, 22, and Inti Sotelo, 24, General Cayas declared that the use of pellets was an “isolated event”.

For this reason, the organizations requested that a criminal investigation be initiated against those included in the complaint, since there are also many injured people and women who were sexually assaulted after being arrested.

Tax investigation

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office announced this Sunday that it is investigating the deaths of Pintado and Sotelo in the context of “serious human rights violations”.

Sotelo was hit with four shots of pellets, one of them in the heart, while Pintado received ten lead pellets in the skull, face, neck, arm and chest, according to the necropsy.

An investigation for violation of human rights in Peru opens the possibility that a prosecutor denounces a “chain of command” in the repression that caused the deaths, which can reach the president himself, his ministers and police chiefs, in addition to direct executors.

Condena de la CIDH

The harsh repression launched by the police was condemned by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which demanded “an immediate investigation of the facts and establish responsibilities.”

The agency also warned “that there is no precise information” on the total number of injured and that the number of detainees on the day was not known either, so it added to the call of the Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office to offer that list .



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