Former guerrillas reincorporated to the peace process in Colombia assassinated

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Unknown persons killed the former Colombian guerrilla this Friday Juan de Jesus Monroy, a reincorporation leader in the central department of Meta, and his bodyguard, Luis Alexander Largo, who also demobilized from the FARC.

The Partido Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común (FARC) party, which emerged from the demobilization of the guerrillaHe pointed out that Monroy, known as “Albeiro Suárez”, and Largo, also called “Yeferson Mandela”, were shot in a rural area of ​​the Uribe municipality.

“Two other peace signatories who believed and worked for her. Their departure hurts us deeply, because of their memory and because of the love they felt for the territory, we will continue working tirelessly, “added the FARC on its social networks.

Climate of violence

According to the FARC, Monroy had previously denounced insecurity in the department of Meca, in the center of the country, where he headed a project for the reintegration of ex-combatants of the old guerrilla. Both have been killed by firearms.

Monroy was working on a project that consisted of creation of a cooperative dedicated to chocolate that would give work to 60 former guerrillas, according to the local media ‘El Espectador’, which has ensured that the bodies of both victims appeared this afternoon in said cocoa plantation.

He FARC has accused the country’s president, Iván Duque, of maintaining a “complicit and indolent look” while 234 signatories of the peace agreement have been assassinated and have demanded greater “guarantees” for the ex-combatants.

Hundreds of ex-guerrillas killed

This movement indicates that with the crimes of Monroy and Largo they are already 234 veterans killed, since the Colombian government and the guerrillas signed the peace agreement in November 2016.

“We demand guarantees for the signatories of the agreement, who work every day for the peace of Colombia“added the party.

The head of the Verification Mission United Nations in Colombia, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, condemned the assassination of Monroy, about whom he said: “his sensitive loss is a tragic reminder of the need to reinforce protection for those who put down their arms and bet for peace in Colombia.”

Norway and the United Kingdom regret the crime

We regret the murder by Jesús Monroy, committed to reintegration and peace. We send condolences to his relatives. And we remember the importance of continuing to work for the protection and security of former combatants. Our commitment to reinstatement continues, “said the British embassy in Colombia.

Meanwhile, the embajada from Norway, one of the guarantor countries of the peace process, lamented the crime of a former guerrilla “key in the implementation of the reincorporation and environmental protection project.”

“It is urgent to strengthen protection of those who laid down their arms. Our condolences to family members and to the entire population in the process of reincorporation of the region, “added the diplomatic representation on Twitter.

Critical situation

According to the latest report by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to the Security Council on the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, “the incessant violence against ex-combatants continues to affect the consolidation of peace. “

The document, presented on October 2, detailed that so far in 2020, they have been 50 former FARC guerrillas assassinated, two of them women. “In 2020, 30% of killings have been committed near the new reintegration areas, which are mostly located in isolated rural regions,” the United Nations noted.



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