Former Ajax players Schöne and Milik not registered for Serie A by clubs

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Lasse Schöne and Arek Milik have ended up sidetracked at their clubs Genoa and Napoli. The Dane and the Pole are not included in the list of players for the Serie A on Wednesday and cannot take action until the winter break.

Manager Schöne thinks timing is scandalous

The 34-year-old Schöne has been linked with a transfer in recent days, but despite interest from Fiorentina and FC Copenhagen, an agreement was not reached on Monday before the market closed.

Milik, who, just like Schöne, has a past at Ajax, saw a transfer to Juventus and AS Roma this summer. According to Napoli, it was the Polish striker himself.

Milik is also not registered for the Europa League. Because his contract expires next summer, 26-year-old Milik can leave transfer-free.

In almost all major European competitions, the transfer window closed last Monday or Tuesday. In Russia, for example, the market is still open until October 17.

Arek Milik’s role at Napoli seems to be over. (Photo: Pro Shots)

According to Revien Kanhai, Schöne’s agent, there is disagreement within Genoa about the fifty-fold Danish international. “The general manager indicated that he preferred to see Lasse play in the starting line-up, but the new technical director thought differently,” Kanhai told WE. “He had made his own purchases for the same position.”

“It is especially scandalous that they did not inform us about this before the end of the transfer window,” said the agent. “Then we could have dissolved the contract and chose a new club in peace and quiet.”

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