Former advisor: Despite corona infection, Boris Johnson wanted the Queen to visit him.

Although the coronavirus had infected many of his Downing Street staff, Boris Johnson continued his weekly visit with the Queen. In an interview with BBC, Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s former adviser, revealed the truth in Monday’s BBC interview.

The disgraced advisor said that it was only through great difficulty that the prime minister was unable to visit the elderly queen. “What are you going do?” I asked him what he was going to do. He replied “I’m going on to the Queen”. Then, I responded, “What the hell are they talking about? You can’t go to Queen!”” Cummings stated of Johnson’s conversation.

“He then said ‘this is what I do every Wednesday, fuck off, I’m going to her’” Cummings pointed out to Johnson the danger of his visit. “If you give her the coronavirus and she dies, what do you do? It’s totally insane to take such a risk. Cummings says Johnson only came to his senses after those words. “He said he just didn’t think about it and then said ‘Holy shit, I can’t go’.”

Downing Street denies that such a conversation took place. According to a spokesperson for Boris Johnson, the prime minister has taken all precautions to protect people’s lives since the outbreak of the pandemic. Buckingham Palace declined comments.

Cummings revealed that Johnson was against the imposition last fall of a second lockdown, and joked that the virus “only kills the elderly.” Cummings says that the prime minister believed his scientific advisors that Britain’s healthcare system was at risk of being overwhelmed.

Cummings was interviewed for the first time since October, when he resigned. Johnson, the former advisor, stated that Johnson’s attitude in the face of the pandemic had been “a strange and partial mixture of ‘it’s all Bullshit and lockdowns won’t work anyway’ as well as ‘it’s horrible but the people who have died are all over 80 so we can’t ruin the economy. make for people over 80”.



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