Lewis Hamilton the victory in Sunday’s Portuguese GP eventually came easily.

What made it number one effortless was that not even my own teammate Valtteri Bottas found weapons to challenge the champion.

After the race from a Finn more demanded on social media. Bottas would need similar extracts from the previous Mersu driver Nico Rosbergilta.

The 2016 World Champion fought against Hamilton in three seasons of fierce and equal battles. Hamilton pulled a longer steep twice, but Rosberg didn’t crash easily.

Hamilton is a changed man

Bottas is required to have a similar constant strain in the birch and to get Hamilton under the skin. Rosberg managed to destabilize Hamilton and caused him to collapse at times into mistakes. At the moment, the British driver is perceived to get even too easy, making it easy for him to drive from victory to victory thanks to his strengths.

– It is unfair to compare at that time. Hamilton has developed wildly over the years. He is no longer the same driver as against Rosberg, Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto notes.

In addition, Järvilehto appreciates the line chosen by Bottas inside the stable.

– It’s a bit misunderstood, but Valtteri stings Lewis tight all the time. Hamilton has to be on his toes all the time and he doesn’t get easily. Fervor can also be found in this duo.


– Valtteri is a good second in the stable, unfortunately. Hamilton often manages to be a little better in competitions, Järvilehto summarizes.

The video above discusses the interplay between Hamilton and Bottas in more detail. Why is Hamilton so good? And what can Bottas do?