– Put ny that mask on your head, damn it, exclaims the Tampere puck fan Matti Lehtonen for a man sitting a few meters away.

The man answers with the middle finger.

The most visible change from the opening of the lynx and SaiPa SM league to the previous normal was, of course, face masks.

– It was obvious that I would put on a mask. It doesn’t matter at all. Let’s do all the things that will help get the season through, Ilves fan Jonah inform.

Roughly estimated, about half of the people who arrived at the gallery had followed the recommendation and put on a mask. The unmasked got an evil eye from the masked people.

– Let’s go without a mask. I don’t really think the mask works in any way. Studies are contradictory. I haven’t worn a mask during Korona, it’s not comfortable, he commented Jari Hannula.

In Tampere, it was announced a few times during the match that there is a strong recommendation for the use of the mask.

-No scare to be without, you can get the virus from anywhere. There will be, if there will be, but hopefully not, Hannula stated.

JYP required that all spectators in Jyväskylä wear a mask.

– All coercion is stupid, people themselves should have a responsibility, your line reached from the corridors of Hakametsä Kimmo Lepaus.

He was in the hall with his father Masi Lepauksen with. The spectators liked to wear the mask, but it caused one bad problem: the meat pie could not be slid into the mouth through the protective device.

– You have to crack a little, Kimmo Lepaus laughed and wept his delicacy.

Spectator loss

The ice rinks of the SM League have been blocked into blocks and private entrances so that as few spectators as possible have contact with each other. It is not allowed to leave your own block during the match, and it is not recommended to spend time in the hall corridors.

– Whenever I’m used to run around the halls, now sitting in it to keep in place, Kimmo Lepaus summed up the feelings of many Tampere.

The regional government agencies have determined how many spectators are allowed in the league halls during Korona. The capacity of the felling forest is normally 7,300 places, now it is 4,500.

– 1,500 spectators will be left, says the Ilves fan Janne Tamminen before the start of the match.

Ilves – SaiPa attracted 2,807 spectators.

– This is not about restrictions, but about the general disease situation. There are 4,500 people in local games, but for other games it is strict, tassel-ear games have followed for years. Jonah evaluates.

Ilves last season’s average audience was 5,637.

– A little thought was done in advance, but the ensemble is so well organized for safety that it was dared to leave, Janne Tamminen said.

Media restrictions

The work of the media in Finnish Championship matches has been significantly limited. Face-to-face interviews can only be conducted by persons who own the TV rights (MTV / Telia).

Other media conduct post-match interviews by telephone.

– Oops, it’s Pravda’s way. That affects the quality of journalism, comments Matti Lehtonen.

Wash your hands

Special measures have one goal over others: to prevent team members from getting the virus. Infection would know the quarantine and match transfers of the entire team.

“I didn’t have to run anywhere in the air.” I only take care of mandatory things like shopping trips, Captain Ilves Eemeli Finland said.

He said he wore the mask everywhere in public places.

-Yes, there must be a mask. And every time I come to the hall or home, I wash my hands and wear hand gloves. Care must be taken not to touch your face with your fingers if you have not just washed them. Common sense requires this situation.

Friday night’s league opening ended with Ilves winning 2-1.