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The team of the newly elected US president Joe Biden is currently not receiving any money from the government to properly manage the transition of power in the coming months. The General Service Administration (GSA), which is in charge of this, will wait to release the money until it is finally clear that Biden has won.

It’s unclear when Biden’s team will get help

The American media declared Biden the winner of the election on Saturday. But incumbent President Donald Trump refuses to accept his defeat. He will apply for recounts and claims without substantiation that election fraud has been committed.

The GSA is a paper-neutral organization that should help the new president to fill important positions within the government in the two months before installation. In this way, a president can get off to a good start immediately after the inauguration.

For example, a new president has to fill about four thousand important vacancies. A quarter of these must be approved by the Senate. It is common for the GSA to provide financial support to the new government as soon as a winner has been selected.

The authority states that no winner has been designated as long as Trump does not accept defeat. Emily Murphy, the head of the GSA, has been appointed by Trump. She cannot say when Biden’s team will receive the money and logistical support. His team has pushed for prompt assistance “in the interests of US security and the economy”.

Trump’s campaign team insists on the allegation that the election was fraudulent. It is considered to hold manifestations in the style of election rallies, American media reports Axios in CNN based on insiders. Trump’s campaign team may also present obituaries of people who would have been voted on anyway.

Trump insists he is the real winner of the presidential election. His team has gone to court in multiple states. The president only just lost to his Democratic challenger Biden in several important states. Trump previously stressed in a statement that votes will be recounted and lawsuits will be conducted. He believes that the media have declared Biden the winner too quickly.

The president’s confidants would disagree on this. His son-in-law Jared Kushner and first lady Melania have Trump according to CNN advised to submit to his defeat. His sons Donald Jr. and Eric think differently and try to mobilize supporters.



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