For the first time since the beginning of the corona crisis, the number of unemployed has fallen below 300,000.

Last month, there were 297,000 unemployed Dutch citizens. That’s 3.2 percent of the active population. Since March 2020, when the corona crises began, this is the first occasion that the number is below 300,000. Statistics Netherlands figures on Thursday show this.

The pandemic caused unemployment to rise rapidly from 2.9 percent in March 2020, to 4.6 percent by August 2019. The number of jobless has decreased steadily since then, except for February when there was a slight increase.

The reason unemployment has declined is because there are more job seekers. Although this sounds quite natural, it is possible that people have stopped looking for jobs. These people can then be considered non-working.

But this hasn’t been the case for some time. In fact, young people are more likely to start looking again for jobs. They also find a job more often.

The Netherlands currently has approximately 9,065,000 employees. This is slightly higher than the 9,057,000 in February 2020, when there was still a pandemic in the Netherlands.

The labor market shortage is returning

Rob Witjes from the UWV Benefits Agency’s labor market information, stated that employers are increasingly looking for employees. According to the Central Planning Bureau: “Unemployment has fallen, the vacancy market has increased again, corona measures have been phased out and the economy is growing in this year as well as 2022. This is four times more good news. This also means the labor market is experiencing a shortage. Employers are finding it harder to hire staff.”

UWV tracks which professions offer good opportunities for advancement. There are currently 212 professions on our list of promising careers. These are mainly in the care and technology sectors. However, there are also many opportunities for opticalians, sales people and sailors in inland shipping.

Witjes: “More that two thirds of all vacancies in the Netherlands can be filled by promising professionals.” A third of the people who receive unemployment benefits are registered at UWV with a promising occupation. This is a sign of the rising tension on the labor markets.

The number of unemployment benefits also dropped sharply

End June saw 238,000 people receive unemployment benefits. This is 11,300 more than the previous month, and it is the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic. As an example, in February 2020 240,000 people were still receiving unemployment benefits. Young people are particularly less likely to be out of work than in the previous months.



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