For the big step of qualifying in Eurobasket, the National Team with Latvia (PHOTO) NBA

The National Team of Greece (2-0) faces Latvia (0-2) in the afternoon (19:00), in the first of the two matches that it will give in the “window” of the “bubble” of Sarajevo, in the context of the 3rd match of of the 2022 Eurobasket qualifiers.

If our National team makes 2/2 [την Κυριακή (29/11, 19:00) με τη Βουλγαρία το άλλο ματς], essentially secures the qualification to Eurobasket.

In the first two games for its group in the qualifying phase, Greece scored an equal number of victories, at home against Bulgaria with 73-63 and away at home against Bosnia with 70-65.

In the other game of the National team, the host Bosnia (1-1) faces Bulgaria (1-1) at 10:00 pm.

Tonight’s program of the 2022 Eurobasket qualifiers:

Netherlands-Sweden (15:00)

Czech Republic-Belgium (16:30)

Croatia-Turkey (18:00)

Greece-Latvia (19:00, ERT Sports HD)

Great Britain-France (19:00)

Lithuania-Denmark (19:30)

Bosnia / Herzegovina-Bulgaria (22:00)

Germany-Montenegro (22:00)

The score in the group of Ethniki:

The 14 players of the National:



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