For possible violations of employee rights, Daughter Just Eat Takeaway was investigated

The National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines, (NCP), is investigating a complaint concerning the violation workers’ rights at 10bis in Israel. This Israeli subsidiary of Just Eat Takeaway meal delivery service is being handled by the National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines. FNV filed the complaint claiming that 10bis refused to recognize local trade unions.

The NCP, a Dutch institution, monitors companies’ compliance with the OECD guidelines. This is the Organization of mainly industrialized countries. These regulations describe how these countries view corporate social responsibility.

Petra Bolster from FNV is a FNV board member. She says 10bis workers would like to come to an agreement about wages, accident coverage, weekend allowances, and work hours. It is therefore “unheard of” for 10bis to refuse to speak to Israel’s oldest, largest union. This would be approximately 14000 employees in 10bis.

Bolster reports that Just Eat Takeaway, which is best known for in the Netherlands, has dismissed the matter as a local matter. However, that is no longer possible. The NCP will now investigate the complaint further and engage in discussions with all parties. It was also suggested that a mediation process be initiated.

Just Eat Takeaway responded that employees can join a union but it must be properly set up. According to the company, the legal dispute in Israel revolves around this latter. It would be governed by Israeli law. A spokesperson for the company stated, “This does not diminish the value of legitimate worker representation worldwide and hold good employership at the forefront.”



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